Thursday, September 30, 2010

Milestone - $1k

Today, September 30, 2010, I achieved a personal milestone: I earned $1,000 in a single investment. Last month, I piecemail bought 600 shares of BYD (Ticker: BYDDF) which is an acronym for "Build Your Dream", at an average price of $6.26. Well, dreams actually do come true! The stock has bolted up over the past month to $8.10 (as of this afternoon) which equates to a net gain of over $1,100!

For some more personal history, the first transaction that I earned $100 on took place in 2008 when I bought 300 shares of SemGroup Limited Partners, an oil and gas services company located in Oklahoma, and sold half my stake after it ran up 50%. I later sold my entire stake after it ran up to over 200% my initial investment.

In all likelihood, it will be a considerable amount of time (hopefully not) before I realize the next milestone -$10,000.