Friday, August 21, 2009

First Post

Good Afternoon All:
There are a lot of blogs available for consumption these days, but I wanted to throw my hat in the ring, too. Where is my comparative advantage? Well, I work an 8-5 job so I will be a regular, probably multi-poster week-daily. In addition to my punctuality, the content of the blog is what interests me most: economics, finance, the markets, and most of all $$$.
So what can you expect?
1. ISLM links of the day-everybody has a links post, not everyone names theirs after a macroeconomic model.
2. The random, enlightened evaluation of someone else's work (rarely ever original).
3. And, hopefully, I'll get around to being creative and build my own model, write unique analyses, or anything else that strikes me.
I don't have hopes to build the world's most followed blog, but if I could create something useful, something worthwhile, something that Ayn Rand would consider worthwhile, then I will be satisfied.

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