Monday, August 24, 2009

links of the day: 8-24-09

Touristic Bias by Bryan Caplan of Marginal Revolution. A great review of why Europeans and Americans have the impressions they get when travelling across the Atlantic and why these impressions are misleading.

Dr. Doom: Surprise! Things are bad and I think it's going to get worse. That's what I've become known for saying, I get paid to say it, and besides, I say it smart.

Calculated Risk on Social Security. Hey, fossils, back to work! Stop watching TV and supplement that pension.

How toxic finance created an unstable world: By Wolfgang M√ľnchau. An excellent article on the current predicament.

How will the US deal with the mountain of debt it is accumulating? The Money Game takes a look at the words of one of my favorite economists and bloggers, Arnold Kling.

Goldman Sachs apparently disseminates trading advice in a tiered system-skewing towards their better clients. I don't really think the WSJ is on the brink of anything, because I doubt these investment banking practices are new to anyone who reads their papers.

A hilarious walkthrough of a not-so-generally-publicized love affair with Bernie Madoff.

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