Friday, September 11, 2009

IS-LM links of the day 9-11-09

In the name of balance, I present to you: "How did Krugman get it so wrong?" A response to Krugman's lengthy NYT magazine article last week (Money Illusion)

A back-to-back good post by Scott Sumner (Money Illusion)

It pays to be nice (Newsweek)

Pat Buchanan asks if America is falling apart (WND)

Blueprint for regulation (Taunter)

Consumer sentiment is UP (Bloomberg)

Theodore Moran: When is a takeover a security threat (Vox)

Oil Speculators (Economist)

Follow up to "Judging Downturns" piece yesterday (Mankiw's blog)

Throwing jellyfish is illegal and hilarious (St. Petersburg Times)

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