Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Book of Odds launches tomorrow (10-14-09)

A new, searchable statistical encyclopdiea called the Book of Odds launches tomorrow.
From the website:

Three years ago we set out to create the missing dictionary, one of numbers, not words – the probabilities of everyday life.
Book of Odds will cover a wide range of topics including health, crime, politics, accidents, and relationships. Its consistent format will make it easy to understand. Any one odds statement may be used to better grasp another – the unfamiliar made more comprehensible by the familiar.
It will be extensive: over 50 staff-years of research have gone into creating a database of odds numbering in the hundreds of thousands, and over time it will expand into new topics, times, and geographies.
It will be accurate and transparent so anyone can replicate or correct any odds statement.
It will be engaging, fun to navigate, and full of surprising information and juxtapositions of facts.
It tries to answer the question people ask almost daily: “What are the odds of that?”
We believe we have made an amazing start. We hope you agree and will join us at launch to expand our shared understanding of the odds of everyday life.

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