Monday, October 19, 2009

IS-LM links of the day 10-19-09

A great post on inequality (RortyBomb)
which is a response to a fantastic essay on inequality from Will Wilkinson (Cato)

The level of real economic inequality is lower than popular treatments of the issue have led many of us to think.
The level of economic inequality is an unreliable indicator of a society’s justice or injustice.
Inequality distracts us from real injustices that are given too little attention.

How to end poverty (AidWatch)

The shortest and best case for financial innovation that I have ever read (Interfluidity)

Paul Krugman thinks the banks are not alright (NYT)

How Moody's sold out its ratings (McClatchy)

An analysis of Q3 GDP (EconBrowser)

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