Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thorsten Veblen Terrific Thought of the Day

From Ben Casnocha's blog:

"Can I fail at this?" It's like Raymond Chandler said: there is no success without the possibility of failure. Therefore, something I can't fail at is also something I can't succeed at. I can fail at conducting an interview, writing an essay or making a video. I can't fail at meandering around the internet in search of "neat stuff to read." In a recent tweet, I defined procrastination "the temporary displacement of tasks at which it is possible to fail with tasks at which it is not possible to fail."

Such an interesting take on procrastination and our fear of failure. I hope this quote will inspire me to start creating more original articles instead of posting links from rooting around finding "neat stuff to read".
It's like he's saying to me, "stop being such a baby; surfing the internet and posting 'links'. Do something: get your ideas out there in the open. Get shot down once in a while. Make a mistake or two and maybe something good will come of it."