Tuesday, February 2, 2010

links of the day 02-02-10

Check the spreads of ETFs before investing (WSJ)

Great blog post on the cost of foreclosure (RortyBomb)

Andrew Ross Sorkin on what bankers in Davos are thinking about Volcker rule (Dealbook)

Yale economist Robert Shiller thinks the US economy will drift sideways in the coming years (NYT)

Deficit balloons into a national security threat (WSJ)
- I think the most interesting idea in here is that large amounts of debt threatens our country's independence. It makes me wonder what the founding fathers would have thought about the situation. I'm sure they would not be OK with a one-party communist regime holding such a large percentage of our debt, giving them the power to dictate to us on policy.

Volcker's interesting (albeit long) op-ed from the weekend (NYT)