Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Haiku - The Peacock

I'm not a fan of attention-seeking people. On the whole, they tend to be very shallow "look-at-me" types, whereas I gravitate towards people that I consider to have substance. In college it was easy to identify them with the monicker "theatre-types."
Rather, I enjoy people that are comfortable with themselves, that (to some extent) know who they are and what they want. The non-bull-artists don't try to impress you, they aren't one-uppers, they don't talk over you or too loudly trying to have people outside your conversation hear them; instead, they listen.
This haiku is for all those big talkers that I'll probably never be friends with, unless I need a marketer.
The Peacock
Hurricane-force winds
utter garbage streaming forth,
Just shut up, blowhard.