Wednesday, April 14, 2010

links of the day 04-14-10

Great opine from Arthur C. Brooks on how America actually feels about taxation (WSJ)
With rates at zero, investors must take a lot of risk to simply beat inflation (EconomPic)

An analysis of Sorkin vs. Krugman: a debate on the bailour (Village Voice)
Sorkin originally here (Dealbook)
Krugman's response here (NYT)

Why do colleges care so much about extracurricular activities (MR)

The WSJ makes fun of Syracuse students protesting Jamie Dimon as the commencement speaker next month. She gets her two cents in:

“He is a figurehead of an industry that has failed the American people in a lot of ways.’’ said Ashley Owen, a Syracuse senior in a phone call from campus. “I personally know students who have had to drop out of school because their parents have lost their jobs in the financial crisis. To have Dimon as our commencement speaker is really insensitive."

And THEN they pull the punch:

“The big banks that are still growing and growing, and I don’t think that the monopolization of any industry is a good thing,’’ she said.
After several minutes into the interview, Owen apologized for having to get off the phone. She had 20 more pages to finish of Karl Marx’s “Das Capital” for a class assignment.