Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My periodical reading list

I think it would be fun, for posterity's sake, to catalog the amount of non-book reading that I do daily/weekly/monthly. I'll start with monthly magazines: Wired, Fortune, and a new, online, options-oriented journal Expiring Monthly. Weekly I read the Economist. And on a day to day basis I start off on the train with the Wall Street Journal, then ease into a blog roll that includes: Abnormal Returns, Marginal Revolution, The Reformed Broker, The Big Picture, Felix Salmon, Calculated Risk, Freakonomics, Ben Casnocha, Greg Mankiw, and for fun, Dealbreaker. One important thing that I have learned since I developed this line-up is that it has become easier and faster to read all the blogs that I've listed as I have become accustomed with the authors' writing.